An easy way to build a blog or website for beginners


To start blogging is not easy, because we need time to learn about blogs, but if we already understand how to build a blog it will certainly be easy.

For this reason I will discuss about how to easily build a blog for beginners, and provide an overview for you to be even more enthusiastic in building a blog.

Before building a blog you must first understand the meaning of a blog, because if you already understand it will certainly facilitate you. Come see below until it runs out. 

What is a blog? 

I personally think that blog is a forum where we can spread information in the form of writings that include opinions, journals, digital data analysis, static and other writings into cyberspace.

When you make an article, the article that you make is also useful for others. Although blogs are not as busy as YouTube but blogs are also very influential for the community, because with a blog one can easily find the information needed.

The topics discussed also vary, there is information, tips and tricks, blogging etc ... The most important thing in blogs is useful for others.

The platform used for blogs

Actually there are still many platforms that you can use, some are paid and some are free. Of course, of the two types there are different qualities.

To use a platform you can choose from 2 types, namely (free) and (paid), of course, of the 2 types of platforms we can distinguish the quality after you use it, my advice for beginners is better to use blogger. com because the platform is easy to use and of course it's free.

Now, if you already understand the discussion above, I will give you tips so that you can easily build a blog. 

Here's an easy way to build a blog 

1. Choose a Niche

Of course, to become a blogger, the first thing to do is to choose the appropriate niche (topic) to use on the blog.

You can choose the niche that you are good at / enjoy, because by choosing the niche that you are good at can help to build a blog and of course that you are passionate about writing.

2.Join the forum or community 

Why should I join a forum / community? Because if you join it will add to your insight about the world of blogs, well for this reason I suggest you to join.

To join a forum / community, you can use social media like Facebook, because on Facebook you will find a lot of temperatures that already understand about the world of blogs, you can join the community group.

3. Learn SEO

When I first blogged, I didn't know about SEO first, all I knew was just writing, after I blogged for a month, unfortunately my visitors rarely came, for this reason, there were people who suggested to learn SEO, at the end I also learned about SEO , even though I am not yet very proficient but I will still learn.

So for this reason I suggest you to learn SEO, you can learn SEO on a Blog that discusses SEO like

To learn SEO is not easy, but if you learn slowly then later you will understand about SEO.

4. Focus On 1 Blog

Well, many times bloggers have more blogs, like in my example, I have 2 blogs namely and

Since I have more blogs, finally the one blog is not taken care of, and at the end of its visitors were not there. For this reason I suggest you focus on 1 blog, so that the blog is taken care of and of course get a lot of visitors.

5. Find a Mentor to be guided

Well, to get more insight about your blog you can find a mentor to guide you. It's not easy to find a mentor, because most mentors are too ignorant and don't care about beginners, but you shouldn't be too easy to give up because there are still mentors ready to help you.

You can find a mentor in the Facebook group, because there are several people who are ready to help or guide you.

6. Don't Focus on Money But Focus on Blogs

Lots of people who jump into the blog world just want to get money, but unfortunately those who do it even fail.

For this reason do not focus on money first but focus on the blog first, because if your blog is flooded with visitors then over time you will also get money, because if you focus on money first then you will be in business and at the end you will give up.

7. Start

Now if you already understand the article above, then you are ready to build a blog. So what are you waiting for ?


It takes time to build a blog, but if you intend to build a blog and be with your hobby, then over time you will be able to build the blog.


Note: those are some reviews of how to easily build a blog for beginners, if there are words that are not good in the discussion, please forgive, for those of you who have visited I say a lot THANK YOU.

Author : Jejakdzgn

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