How is an olive tree grown? how to care

How is an olive tree grown? how to care

Olive-tree ; It is one of the very valuable trees with a very valuable golden yellow oil, consisting of the core and fleshy part of the fruit, which is not resistant to cold temperatures below -7 degrees, which we see more in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. If they are planted properly, olive trees will come to the point where they will bear fruit after 4 years or 5 years. However, it takes 20 years to get a full yield from the tree and they live for many years. The most productive age to be taken from the tree is between 35-150 years old. And if the olive trees give a very good crop in one year, the next year yields much less crops, almost as if it takes itself into a resting period, this situation is called the var year, the absence year among the people. However, this situation is called periodicity in theory.

Olive tree characteristics

The olive tree can generally grow on the plains with low altitudes and low altitudes from the sea. In Turkey, the altitude should be at most 1000 meters. Although it is a water-loving tree, it is a tree species with high resistance to water. It requires a hot climate in the summer and a mild climate in the winter. The olive tree has nothing to do with cold weather. The biggest problem is freezing. If the temperatures drop to -7 to -12 degrees, the frozen olive trees will only die in this way. If it is watered less, the crop it will give will be too small and shriveled. If the olive tree grows on hills or plateaus, it gives more oily crops. The oils that come to our table are also obtained from these trees.

olive tree care

Its maintenance takes place in 6 stages; fertilization , pruning , irrigation , disease and pest control , tillage and finally harvesting

Fertilization;  Fertilization should be done in January – March. However , soil analysis should be done before fertilization . In January, barn manure should be given every 3 years and 4 years. And according to the soil analysis results obtained, composite fertilizer is used.

Pruning;  Pruning done correctly will revitalize the tree and make it healthier. Olive trees grow and lengthen in a more shaped way thanks to the correct pruning while they are still in the seedling stage. Crop pruning is done in adulthood. In this way, better product purchase is made. In the old age, olive trees are rejuvenated by hard pruning. Tools used after these pruning must be thoroughly disinfected.

Irrigation;  The irrigation method with which the most efficient results will be obtained is the drip method.

With diseases and harmful substances;  The main enemy of the olive tree is the olive fly. Due to the larvae that the olive fly leaves on the leaves and on the olive, the obtained crop is not productive, the obtained crop is not productive, the olive oil is more acidic. This is also an undesirable situation. Fighting with this fly is traps that you will hang on each branch. Noticing these traps, flies become unable to approach the branches and olives. You can make these traps yourself or you can buy them from outside.

tillage;  The bottom parts of the olive trees are cleared of weeds and unwanted plants at a depth of 15-20 cm after the harvest time and before flowering.

Harvest;  The olive fruit is green at first and then turns black. Harvest time is between October and December. Olives are harvested in October. In November – December, black olives and olives are harvested to obtain oil.

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