How to care for wax flowers? How is it grown?

How to care for wax flowers? How is it grown?

Wax flower is a flower of the genus Hoya that grows in temperate regions. It is a flower grown in pots. Umbrella-shaped flowers are formed by the combination of many flowers. It gets its name from the way its flowers appear to be made of wax. Since the stem of the wax flower is not woody, it cannot bear the flowers and therefore it has an ivy structure. Support should be prepared with the help of sticks. However, if it will be grown in a hanging pot, it does not need rod support. With its elegant structure, it looks both decorative and enchants with its magnificent scent. Waxflower, which attracts attention with its elegance, appeals to both your eyes and your tastes with its unique, magnificent intense scent, white and pale star-shaped flowers, red dark green leaves and decorative appearance.

The wax flower is not an outdoor plant. It is interested in room temperature. With the right and good care methods, it starts to bloom in the spring and continues until the end of summer. It changes the atmosphere of the environment with its wonderful appearance and intense smell. It is very important that the environment in which he grows up is temperate. Exposure to direct sunlight may cause easy fading. While it can be grown as ivy outdoors in hot countries, unfortunately the climatic conditions of our country are not suitable for outdoor cultivation. It sheds its leaves and flowers in winter and goes into a resting period. When it starts to bud again, it should never be changed. This delicate, elegant flower is not difficult to care for, but requires attention. you wax flowerif you are going to raise; We strongly recommend that you reproduce this fragrant, elegant and delicate flower and share it with your loved ones. This beautiful flower will envelop any home with its fragrance and its beauty will provide a pleasant ambiance. How to grow wax flower now ? how to care You will find everything you need to pay attention and know in our article.

How to grow wax flower?

How to grow wax flower? First of all, the leaf cut from the flower is placed in water and it is expected to take root. It is beneficial to plant it in the soil mixed with peat, perlite and even worm manure in the rooted seedling. Since it is a flower that does not grow very much, a large pot is not needed. Pebbles can also be placed in the pot where you plant the wax flower to create drainage. Too much water causes rot. It is enough to keep the soil moist. It does not need much water in winter and room temperature will provide the appropriate environment for them to live. Exposure to cold will cause the wax flower to wilt.

How to care for wax flower?

During the summer and hot periods, the potting soil should be constantly moist. In very hot weather, the wax flower should be protected from heat by spraying water. It can be pruned every two to three years, depending on the wax flower situation that does not want regular pruning. However, tip removal can be done to ensure branching. It may not bloom in the first year it is planted, but don't worry, it will definitely flower the next year. It can withstand thirst, but thirst will cause the leaves to wilt. With adequate water supply, its flowers and leaves are immediately resurrected and return to their former glory.

What should be considered when growing wax flowers?

Waxflower doesn't like too much change of location. It should remain as stable as possible. It is also not recommended to change the pot unless absolutely necessary. However, its pot can be changed every three or four years. Fading flowers and leaves should never be plucked. It does not like direct exposure to sunlight. If it is well cared for, its excellent scent becomes quite intense. Its interior location is east or west oriented, allowing it to benefit from sunlight. It likes direct sunlight. This elegant flower will provide a different ambiance to your room and balcony. There is no need for a large pot as it does not grow very fast. Large pots can also cause problems with space.

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