How to grow a blackberry tree? how to care

How to grow a blackberry tree? how to care

The blackberry tree , which originates from North America, is found in almost every region of our country. Especially in the Black Sea Region and Central Anatolia, blackberry cultivation is higher than in other regions. It is commonly seen in cool and humid areas above an average altitude of five hundred meters in Rize, Amasya, Çorum, Yozgat, Tokat, Gümüşhane and its vicinity. Blackberries are consumed in a wide variety of ways around the world.

It is used in various forms such as fresh or canned, jam, ice cream, marmalade, liqueur, cake, yoghurt, fruit juice, sugar, depending on the season. Blackberry tree is a popular, attractive and nutritious fruit that is consumed especially in summer seasons. In our country, they are also called tree strawberry, sultan blackberry and mountain strawberry. It has been attracting intense interest for a long time with its rich minerals and vitamin storage. With its fringe-rooted structure, the blackberry tree also has an anti-erosion effect, which is the trigger of global warming. Boysenberry, logan, apache, navaho, kiowa, dewberry, arapaho, olalie black, chester, thedor reimers, marion species are grown in our country. So how do you grow a perfect blackberry tree? how to care

How to grow a blackberry tree?

The blackberry tree usually grows in cold temperate climates. However, some species can also adapt to warm temperate climates. Blackberry tree needs winter cold. It is easier to grow in moist areas. Blackberry trees can not be grown in regions with mild winters and hot and dry summers . It cannot be grown in dense fog, insufficient wind current, extremely hot or extremely cold regions. blackberry tree,It is not selective in terms of soil type. It should be grown in warm and moist soil to obtain high yields and provide large fruits. Yield increases in soils rich in organic matter, permeable and with high water holding capacity. Soil moisture must be constantly provided. It can be grown in gravelly or even sandy soils enriched with sufficient organic matter and provided with soil moisture continuously. Although it is resistant to frost, it cannot grow in regions where thermal splashes are high throughout the year.

How to care for a blackberry tree?

How to care for a blackberry tree? First of all, weed cleaning should be done continuously in the garden where you plant. It is necessary to carry out weeds that will reduce the yield regularly throughout the year. Since the cultivated soil must be moist, daily irrigation should be done at the determined level without interruption. In order to increase the annual yield, fertilization should be done at the necessary times of the year. In particular, the use of natural fertilizers is more appropriate for both the blackberry tree and the use of organic fertilizers for human health. Since pruning will prolong the life of the blackberry tree, it should be done for the shoots that dry after harvest. The new shoots are attached to the stems to grow for the next year. to blackberry treesIt is sprayed in a controlled way to prevent disease transmission and to remove pests that will cause disease.

What are the tricks of growing a blackberry tree?

If you want to grow blackberry trees , you must first make sure that the region you choose has suitable climate and suitable soil conditions. You should definitely get information, opinions and ideas from an agricultural engineer. blackberry treeAfter creating your garden, you need to create your annual calendar correctly. According to this calendar, you must strictly follow the pruning, fertilization, irrigation, spraying and cleaning processes. Do not forget that pruning and feathering of new shoots ensures the continuity of your production and extends the life of your trees. Irrigation, on the other hand, ensures that the soil maintains the desired properties, prevents the trees from drying out and increases fruit yield. Fertilization is the only way to increase the amount of product you will receive during the year. Spraying and cleaning should be done continuously without neglecting it. A good calendar, perseverance, interest, dedication and discipline are required for the continuity of your production and for the yield not to fall.

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