How to grow cyclamen flower? how to care

How to grow cyclamen flower? how to care

The cyclamen flower adorns our homes and offices; It is a type of flower that renews our soul with colors such as yellow, red, fuchsia, white and purple. Their average length varies between 20 cm and 40 cm. They are very easy to care for, which is why we often see them in homes and we should put the cyclamen flower in areas where it will not be exposed to the wind. They do not like direct light. It is necessary to provide sunlight to the cyclamen flower indirectly. If the leaves that cannot see the light are turned to the light-seeing direction after a week, it will be ensured that the leaves do not fall and turn yellow. In winter, it will be sufficient to irrigate once a week, but in summer, watering should be done twice a week due to the increase in air temperature. And we should pay attention to the flower while watering, too much water will drown the flower. The soil should be checked before watering. If the soil is moist, we should water it after a few days.


Growing cyclamen flower

The first thing to consider in the form of care, which is quite effortless, is the sun angle of the flower. Too little light will be insufficient, and too much light will cause the flower to lean in that direction. Changing the direction of the flower several times a day is the healthiest situation. However, if you cannot change it, the direction should be changed at least once a week.

Irrigation should be done once a week during the winter months and should be preferred on Monday. In summer, it can be preferred on Mondays and Thursdays. The important thing here is that the soil should not be dehydrated, you should control the soil and irrigate. If the soil has enough moisture, irrigation can be done after a few days. Otherwise, the flower suffocates and the flower withers. And after irrigation, the water in the plate that accumulates under the pot should be removed and purified. The size of the watering can should never be changed, it should always be diluted to the same extent.

Cyclamen flower care

Since this flower is a delicate and small flower, it can break quickly, and in order not to break, it should be grown in a place away from the wind so that the flower does not break with a breeze. For this reason, it should not be placed in front of the door, in front of the windows.

After the cyclamen flower fades, the branches can be pruned so that the new flower emerges. However, it needs to be pruned very carefully. After the branches are cut, they should be covered in an airtight way for re-blooming and flowering. It can even be covered with a non-caustic adhesive.

The soil of the cyclamen flower should be changed like April-May of every year. And while it is being changed, the size of the new pot should be no more than 1 size larger.

The use of vitamins for cyclamen flower should not always be. If the flower is healthy, there is no need to use it. Vitamin can be used for blooming of pruned branches . Generally, the vitamin measure sold is mixed with 1 liter of water. Afterwards, this mixture can be given once a week or once a month as you determine.

Excessive watering of this plant, excessive sun exposure, lack of holes in the pot, infertile soil, diseased leaves on the plant, and the presence of this diseased plant close to other plants will damage the cyclamen flower.

Reproduction of this flower is done by separating this plant from its roots. Thin sections extending from the root of the plant to the upper part give birth to a new plant. These newborn plants should be placed in a new pot. The name of this newly formed plant is azalea plant.

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