How to Grow Fuchsia? How to Care?

How to Grow Fuchsia? How to Care?

It is a type of flower that requires care as well as its beauty. It can be a little difficult to maintain. However, we can guarantee that it will add an appearance that is worth all this effort. It is a plant that has 2 species in nature. Well , for those who are wondering how to grow a flower , this article is an article that will be an answer. Fuchsia is primarily a very sensitive plant. For this reason, it does not like heat at all, it can dry out instantly when exposed to excessive sun rays. It is a shade flower. Even less than 1 hour of daylight per day will be sufficient.

Growing Fuchsia is a difficult task, but a joyous one. Temperatures not exceeding 20 degrees play a big role in development. This plant, which contains purple and blue colors, creates a miraculous visual when it blooms. Here, all the efforts will be worth it with the flowers it blooms. The fuchsia got its name from its resemblance to earrings. In general, this beautiful image is planted in the ground. However, this flower, which has the feature of ivy, looks very beautiful in round pots. Pot selection is very important for every plant to be grown in a pot. If your pot selection is not correct, it may not be the expected situation in its growth and appearance, and problems may arise.

What are the Features of Fuchsia?

What are the Features of Fuchsia? First of all, the right choice of the place to be grown comes first. Fuchsia, which has a delicate structure, may not like everywhere, in which case it may stop its development. October is very important. It is best suited for this delicate flower to be planted in the spring when the frost period has passed. It is a difficult plant to grow with seeds, but it is the safest to grow with seeds. Sowing as seeds may just require a little extra care. If you have seeds at hand, you can start the germination process with a yogurt cup. Using compost will be very helpful. After leaving the seeds on the compost, you can cover the seeds with soil in a very little way and stretch them and keep the source of moisture inside, which is the most useful method during the germination phase.

It would not be right to take it to a different place with the germination. It should not be taken to a different place without making sure that the germinating seedlings get stronger. During the germination time, water is not given directly, it will be more beneficial to irrigate with the spray method. After the seedlings reach 8 – 10 cm in size, they can be carefully transferred to a different pot. You should take care to have a flow hole for the depth of the pot you will change and the excess water you will give. While its roots are very sensitive, it is not likely to survive, and it can dry out due to too much water. Small amounts of supplementary fertilizer can be given to the soil. Although it completes its development, there are rules to be considered in its care.

What are the Tips for Growing/Caring for Fuchsia?

Fuchsia, which is a difficult cultivation process, is one of the flowers that should be found in the most beautiful corner of every house. It is a very fun type of flower when you learn about its care. It is a very enjoyable flower to watch and care for. Tips for Growing/Caring for Fuchsia are as follows;

  • It is very important to give water as the soil dries so that it can bloom regularly and continuously throughout the flower season.
  • Even if the top of the soil is dry, the roots must have moist soil. Otherwise, it will dry out and become a disease resistant plant.
  • Liquid fertilizer should be mixed while giving water once a week or every two weeks.
  • It should be in a position that will not see direct sun during the months when the sun is the most scorching. It can dry out by burning.

Fuchsia is a sensitive plant. Due to intense water and direct scorching sunlight, it may weaken and dry out. The most important points to be considered in an adult fuchsia are known as water and light.

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