How to grow a guava tree? How to care?

How to grow a guava tree? How to care?

Although the guava tree is one of the plant species that is not very common in our country, how can the enthusiasts often grow a guava tree? It asks the question of how to care . It is possible to say first of all for the guava tree that this flower is not one of the types of flowers that are suitable to be grown at home. The height of the guava tree is known to be approximately 4 meters. However, in natural conditions, the guava tree can reach up to 10 meters in height. Therefore, if you intend to grow this plant, you should definitely have a large garden.

The guava tree is one of the evergreen plant species. So much so that its leaves do not fall even in severe weather conditions and storms. The fruits of the guava tree reach a weight of 160 grams approximately 110 days after the plant opens. About 150 kilograms of fruit can be obtained from one guava tree. So how is the guava tree grown? How to care?

What Are The Guava Tree Properties?

The first of the guava tree features is that the seeds are covered with a very hard substance. Since the seeds of the Guava Tree are hard, it is also very difficult to germinate. For this reason, instead of producing seeds at home to grow a guava tree, you can consider buying ready-made seedlings. However, if you are going to plant a guava tree at home, you can damage the outer part of the guava seed with some sandpaper. In this way, you can ensure that the guava seed germinates faster.

The most reasonable area for growing a guava tree is to have a greenhouse. Because guava flowers love heat and their fruits are exotic. Since the inside of a greenhouse is usually 24 degrees, this temperature is quite suitable for the guava tree. When planting the Guava Tree seedling, the step of placing it in the soil is of great importance. When planting the guava tree seedling, it is necessary not to insert the root too deep into the soil. Covering it slightly with soil will suffice. After germination, the growing seedling should be planted in a pot or the area where it will grow when it reaches about 5 cm in size.

What are the Tips for Guava Tree Care?

With the tips of guava tree care , you can grow healthier guava flowers and save your dying guava tree. So what are the tricks of guava tree care?

  • The pot or area where the guava tree is planted should be large. Plenty of clay and mineral soil should be given to plant the guava tree. Extra fertilizer can be given to the guava tree, especially during flowering and fruiting.
  • The guava tree should be watered regularly. The soil of the guava tree should be neither too dry nor too moist. Too much water can unfortunately rot the guava tree. Therefore, the soil should never become swampy.
  • While the guava tree is in seedling state, its leaves should also be watered. You can irrigate with the help of a spray bottle.
  • Guava flowers love minerals. For this reason, you can mix the soil of the guava tree by pulverizing the eggshell. You can also use it to water the guava tree after you have cooled the water in which you boiled the egg.

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