How to grow purse flower? How to care?

How to grow purse flower? How to care?

Bag flower is one of the most loved and grown plant species in our country. Therefore, how often to grow purse flower? How to care? It is one of the most asked questions. The purse flower gets its name from its purse-shaped leaves. In some regions, its name is also referred to as "lady's bag". The purse flower is one of those flowers that love the summer season. For this reason, it is one of the flowers looked at in hot climates. Bag flowers usually fill up and shed their leaves in other seasons.

There are many types of bag flowers. According to these species, watering, flower shapes, colors and care of bag flowers vary. For this reason, if you have purchased a bag of flowers, it will be useful to first learn by asking under what conditions you should look. Purse flowers can live for many years when properly cared for and bloom every summer. In addition, one of the easiest types of flowers to reproduce is bag flowers. With the root propagation method, you can plant your bag flowers in other pots and gift these pots to your loved ones. So , how to grow purse flower? How to care?

What are the Features of Bag Flower?

When it comes to purse flower properties, hundreds of items can be listed as there are many purse flower types. However, we have taken as a basis the classic type of purse flower, which is most often grown in our country. So what are the characteristics of the bag flower?

  • Bag flowers are one of the plant species that get sick quite often. If you observe that your bag flower is sick, you should not put it next to other pots.
  • Soil selection is very important during bag flower care. Bag flower must be grown in a quality and rich mineral soil. You can also give additional reinforcement to your purse flower, especially during the summer seasons when it blooms.
  • Irrigation of bag flowers is also very important. You should take care to water your bag flower regularly.
  • Bagflower is one of the types of flowers that attract aphids, worms, fungi and insects. For this reason, you should not forget to spray your bag flower regularly.

What are the Tips for Purse Flower Care?

Bagflower colors can be in shades of red, pink, yellow and orange. In addition, sometimes there may be spots and lines on the flowers of the bag. So what are the tricks of purse flower care ? What should you pay attention to when growing purse flower?

Bag flowers love the sun but should never get direct sunlight. You should definitely keep your pot with purse flower in a sunny room. The temperature of the bag flower should be neither too hot nor too cold. The purse flower can be kept at constant room temperature. In addition, the soil of the bag flower should be changed regularly. You can set this period as 6 months. In addition, the soil change of the bag flower must be done in a hot season or environment. In addition, the roots of the bag flower should not be damaged during soil replacement. The purse flower should never be released directly into the air stream. Unfortunately, air currents can kill the purse flower, which is a very sensitive type of flower.

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