How to Grow a Red Plum Tree? How to Care?

How to Grow a Red Plum Tree? How to Care?

The red plum tree is one of the most beautiful and sweet fruits of summer, which looks like a flower garden in spring. You can easily grow this beautiful and productive tree in your home garden. Moreover, a fresh fruit is one of the healthiest desserts. The result will be great if grown in the right place. In addition, red plum can be plucked from the branch, eaten, jammed and decorated your cakes.

If you want to see such a beautiful and useful tree in your garden, we will give you answers to questions such as how to grow a red plum tree and how to care for it. But before all of this, before you get into the trouble, what you need to know is, is your climate suitable for a red plum tree? Because this tree is very suitable for blooming and with the arrival of spring months, thousands of flowers can bloom. With a possible hail, frost and rainstorm, all these flowers that will later turn into fruits may disappear.

Without growing a red plum treeFirst of all, the most important thing will be to make an appropriate choice. The homeland of the red plum tree is Japan and Europe. However, American type red plum is also among the options. Red plum, which we can grow in Europe and Turkey, can be grown in climatic zones where the peach tree grows. A sapling that is well cared for when young can bear fruit twice in the summer when it becomes a tree. In other words, from the end of spring to the end of summer, it will not be missing from your garden. The best time to plant a plum tree is the beginning of the Spring season. If you are considering planting as seeds, the process will be a little slower, and this can take 10-12 weeks. After thoroughly cleaning the seeds you will get from the plum fruit, wrap it in a damp paper, put it in a bag and put it in the refrigerator. Observe every 2 weeks for sprouting in case it sprouts prematurely. After the germination starts, the seed, which is taken into a pot, is taken under the soil for about 2 cm. Keep the soil moist at all times, but avoid overwatering and place in a sunny location.

Plant your sapling in a position where it will receive at least 6 hours of sun a day, after the frost falls on the soil and the danger of frost is gone. Carry your seedling that you will take to the final place with its soil and do not neglect to moisten the soil frequently with some fertilizer. It will take a few years to get edible fruit from the tree, but it will leave a legacy for generations to come. Consider that the plum tree can grow up to 6 meters and determine where it will grow accordingly.

How to Care for a Red Plum Tree?

Fruit trees are trees that require more care than ornamental plants. We will share with you how to care for the red plum tree , which will give a delicious fruit .

The plum tree, like almost any fruit tree, loves water, but take care to plant its root in a place where it will not be constantly wet, and the place where you plant it should receive at least 6 hours of sun a day. If the place you planted gets a lot of sun, you can plant a reinforcing stake next to it and provide support. During planting, water very often, especially in the first days. If you are in a place where it rains during the winter, you will not need to water it.

Another important factor to be considered is that the tree is not fertilized until it begins to bear fruit. However, the tree that started to give fertilizer should be fertilized regularly every year. In order to protect your trees from diseases and grow healthy, they should be pruned regularly and sprayed with pesticides in the maximum amount in insect outbreaks. You can choose the autumn and spring seasons for pruning. In autumn, you can clean the leaves that will prevent the soil from breathing with a rake. If you want to get bigger and healthier fruits when it starts to bear fruit, if it finds too many plum trees on one branch, it can be diluted with the misfire technique.

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