How to Grow a Rosehip Tree?

How to Grow a Rosehip Tree?


How is the rosehip tree grown , which provides a natural protection area in the regions it is located, beautifies its environment with the flowers it opens visually, and is an indispensable source of healing ? Before choosing a planting area, you should choose an area that can grow up to 1.5 meters and receives plenty of sun. Since the rosehip tree will be a thorny, bush-like tree, it can be a problem if it is located in the middle of any path or in the entrance area. The rosehip tree is planted in spring.

Seeding a Rosehip Tree

Rosehip sprouts may take several months to seed, longer than other plants. For planting rosehip tree Cut the rosehip fruits in half with a knife, remove the seeds and dry them. Then you can keep it in a suitable environment for it to sprout and bring it together with the soil as it starts to take root. Throw the dried seeds into a glass and a teaspoon of bleach so that the seeds can germinate. Leave it like this for about half an hour. This process will prevent the seeds from molding. Drain the water with a cheesecloth or similar, and then rinse with water as free of hand as possible. Then place each of the seeds in separate plastic containers or bags. Leave moss, cotton or something damp inside the bags. Keep the containers you have placed in the containers in a dry, moisture-free and cool environment for at least 45 days and at most 60 days. Rosehip seeds need to be in a cool environment to germinate. As soon as you see the seeds that have been waiting to sprout, you can place them in different pots and get them into the garden soil. If you wish, you can put all the seeds in a planting tray, or you can plant them in a soil that receives plenty of sun.

Sapling of Rosehip Tree

This is the more troublesome part of the job, and if you wish, you can also try the planting technique of the rosehip tree as a sapling . For this, the seedlings you will get from adult trees in the last spring provide an easier environment to grow. You can place the pruned seedlings horizontally in the soil and fill their roots with the aerated soil. Make sure that the seedlings are at least 15 cm. Just like seeds, seedlings must be in a cool environment in order to take root. The steps for this are as follows: 

It should be ensured that the root parts are wrapped with a moisture-proof paper, moist paper and a damp-proof paper again, so that they feel in a constant environment. Then store it in the refrigerator. Plant in aerated manure soil when it starts to take root. You should note that this area is a sunny place. Although they are compatible with all climatic conditions, it is a plant that reacts quickly to the sun. If the winter months are harsh, spring is a more suitable choice. Another thing you need to pay attention to is planting the root in an area of about half a meter. So the root can breathe easier.

Caring for a Rosehip Tree

Care of the rosehip treeIt is easier than other trees. This is because this plant adapts to almost all types of soils and climates. After performing the above operations, the root must be carried along with the soil as soon as the tree begins to take a real root. Do not forget to give water, which we call life water. You can also give fertilizer to your tree if you wish, but this is not necessary. After planting, you should water at least once a month. Aerating the soil will also be effective for the rapid growth of your tree. These processes will be effective in many things, from the size of the fruit to the density of the fruit. Pruning is not needed much, but if you wish, you can prune when it is not blooming. Since the beautiful flowers of the rosehip tree that bloom before fruiting will turn into fruit later, these flowers should not be collected and damaged.

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