How to Grow a Truffle Flower? How to Care?

How to Grow a Truffle Flower? How to Care?

Truffle mushroom is a very tasty and useful cube-shaped mushroom that can grow up to 10 cm in diameter. The shape of this mushroom, which grows under the ground, resembles a potato and is called black gold. It is known by various names in various parts of Turkey. Since it is rarely cultivated, its prices can be very high. This food, which is rich in beneficial and low-rated fatty acids, has cholesterol-balancing and aphrodisiac properties, and is as nutritious as red meat. The homeland of this food, which is one of the rarest mushrooms in the world, is America, but there are 12 different types of truffles in total. The cultivation of truffles cannot meet the high demand for the product. How to grow and care for a truffle flower , one of which weighs up to 30 grams ?

Truffle cultivation can be very arduous and difficult, but it is also a profitable business. Although the cultivation of this mushroom, which is known to be indispensable for gourmet meals and very tasty, brings some troubles, the result is satisfactory. Before making a breakthrough, let's give a brief information about the cost. For example, for 1 acre of land, you need to make an expense of approximately 3 thousand liras. The productivity of the crop you will receive each year will also increase. The structure and climate of the soil you will cultivate are very important. Extremely hot weather conditions are relatively suitable for our country. It is also resistant to cold climatic conditions, but climate selection is an important factor as it may not withstand long-term and high levels of cold.

Growing Truffle Mushrooms

To grow truffles , some steps must be taken during the cultivation and care of the mushroom. First of all, 25 to 30 cm pits, preferably cube-shaped, should be dug into suitable soil for planting truffle seedlings. The seedlings are placed in gently dug pits. The planted seedlings are covered with soil again in a gentle manner. Then the filled soil should not be pressed by hand and soil is added to the formed pit again. This step is important for the truffle seedlings to be attached to the soil. Planted seedlings should be given 2 to 3 liters of life water. Holes can be made around the seedlings and bowls can be made to hold the rain water. Growing trufflesThe most suitable season for winter is from November to December. For those who miss these months, the second planting can be done in March to April. If the summer when the truffles are planted is very hot and dry, the truffles may not bear fruit. For this reason, the roots of truffle seedlings should be watered in very dry summers. When the winter months are entered, truffles will begin to bear fruit.

Truffle Cultivation Tricks

There are tricks to consider for growing truffles. First of all, to start truffle cultivation, you need to acquire truffle seed, which is a very valuable seed. Finding truffle seeds is unfortunately not easy. Since truffle is not a type of fungus that spreads by spores like other mushrooms, its reproduction occurs very slowly. A quality truffle seed that will bear fruit must be a truffle seed grafted to an oak tree. When you find the truffle seed, first of all, the factors such as air humidity, temperature and sun condition of the region where you grow should be examined. Since this mushroom will be suitable for continental climates, it is important to prefer warm places. However, truffle is a plant that does not come to extreme temperatures. For this reason, the area to be planted should be well chosen.truffle cultivation is recommended.

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